Staff Spotlight, Billy Harrison

Bill Harrison receives an award from Chuck Hatcher, Lance Kelly, Brian Fugate and Steve Cutshaw.

Staff Spotlight, Billy Harrison  

Billy Harrison is the recipient of the 2022 Public Service Award. The Public Service Award recognizes employees who exemplify the image of a park ranger to the public.

Billy Harrison is an exemplary employee who models the values of Florida State Parks every day.

He is first to lend a hand at any of the parks in the Tallahassee/St. Marks area, and he prioritizes visitor safety and positive visitor experiences. Billy strives to ensure that our parks and trails are clean and welcoming. He also helps the volunteer coordinator by providing training for volunteers.

As the safety coordinator, Billy maintains the parks' safety program, which includes fire prevention and water quality. He completes the necessary inspections and reports, and he works to ensure that repairs are addressed quickly.

Congratulations to Billy for receiving the 2022 Public Service Award.

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