Horseback Riding at Cross Florida Greenway

A brown horse with two people at a equestrian site at Cross Florida Greenway

Hit The Trails On Horseback 

With over 80 miles of equestrian trails across the Cross Florida Greenway, there are many choices on where you can ride your horse and what level of challenge you prefer, ranging from two-track woods trails for social riding, to single-track highly challenging trails over the 1930s sea level Gulf-Atlantic Ship canal diggings,

With trailhead and campground names like Ross Prairie, Santos, Shangri-la and Inglis Island, the ecological and cultural diversity of the landscapes and trail settings is striking. The trails are maintained and established via our Greenway Equestrian volunteer organization in partnership with our Florida Park Service Greenway staff.

The trailhead and equestrian staging areas are equipped with equestrian amenities including fenced open areas with shade and water, hitching posts, restrooms, typically a horse wash/cool-down area and areas where riders can relax after the ride.

At the Landbridge Trailhead there is Cactus Jack’s trail rides, our concessionaire who will take you on a guided horseback tour of the beautiful trails that we have all around the Cross Florida Greenway! No horse is required as they provide everything you need.

No matter where you go on the Greenway trails, you will find equestrian trails that everyone will enjoy!