Celebrate National Bird Day 2022

A couple in the woods, one looking through a pair of binoculars.

Check out these three ways to celebrate National Bird Day!

Visit our state parks on Jan. 5 and celebrate National Bird Day creatively. Birding is a great way to observe our feathery friends in their natural habitats. Use your creativity and explore your talents at a park near you. Grab a friend, a pair of binoculars and a phone or field guide to identify the birds you may see.

  • Explore your artistic side and bring a camera to capture special photos of the birds you can find in our parks. Follow a trail to take candid pictures of the clapper rails found within the marsh of Bald Point State Park. No flash, please!
  • Not in to photos? Bring a sketchbook and perfect the beak of a northern gannet or a snowy egret. State parks are the best place to find a variety of birds to paint. The rich colors of a little blue heron or the fluffy feathers of a wood stork look great on canvas. See what rare birds you can bring attention to with beautiful art.
  • Learn bird calls! Listen closely to the tunes you may hear in the park. Birds sing specific notes to communicate with each other, and each call is unique. When visiting Amelia Island State Park, the calls from the gulls are easily recognizable. You'll be surprised at the variety of bird calls you may hear.


  • Birds of a feather do not always flock together! Species like the yellow-throated vireo spend their days high in the canopy and can sometimes be difficult to spot. On the other hand, ruddy turnstones are found on beaches and mudflats and like to gather with other shorebirds. Sebastian Inlet State Park is a great place to find an abundance of birds. Because of the diverse habitats in this area, you can spot different species of birds scattered throughout the park.
  • Be sure to bring the correct gear. A pair of boots, binoculars, and a field guide for identifying different bird species will be helpful when navigating trails. Don’t forget outdoor basics like a bottle of water and bug spray.

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