Volunteer Spotlight, Lannes Morris-Murphy

Volunteer Lannes Morris-Murphy

Lannes Morris-Murphy has been volunteering for just under one year.

She has accomplished a lot in a short time.

Lannes has already contributed more than 1,000 hours of volunteer time. She has volunteered at a multitude of parks, including Suwannee River, Lake Griffin, Troy Springs, Manatee Springs and Silver Springs.  

When she interviewed for the position of Cabin Host at Suwannee River, she was asked what timeframe worked best for her. Her response was “Let me know what months are the hardest for you to fill, and I will come during that time!”  

Lannes exemplifies the positive attitude and team spirit that is the framework of the Florida Park Service. The work she does as a volunteer is an instrumental part in keeping Suwannee River ready to deliver first-class amenities and experiences to our visitors.  

Because of Lannes’s dedication, park visitors always receive a warm welcome and a guarantee of clean and organized facilities. She truly is a team player. 

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