Volunteer Spotlight, Frankie Blodgett

Volunteer Frankie Blodgett.

Frankie Blodgett

Mike Roess Gold Head Branch State Park

Whether it’s cutting down trees, painting or just picking up litter in the park, you will find yourself out of breath trying to keep up with Frankie. When asked how many hours he has volunteered, he modestly responded, “Last time I checked a little while ago it was at 13,740.” Frankie has been a dedicated volunteer at Mike Roess Gold Head Branch State Park and other state parks such as Anastasia State Park and Fort Clinch State Park for many years. He fell in love with our park when he discovered it after he moved to the nearby town of Middleburg.

Frankie is always at the park. When he isn’t here volunteering, he is here walking his dogs along the trails with his wife, taking note of maintenance needs as he goes along. Any days not spent at the park he refers to as “sick days.” Frankie knows all the trail markers by number, and just about word for word what the text on them say.

Frankie has been an invaluable part of our resource management mission, helping with prescribed fires in the past. Our current sandhill restoration project areas would not have met their objectives on time if it wasn’t for his hard work. Thank you, Frankie, for being a beloved member of our team.

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