Staff Spotlight, Todd Wilmoth

Staff Todd Wilmoth standing by a pine tree smiling at the camera

Park Service Specialist, Todd Wilmoth

Marjorie Harris Carr Cross Florida Greenway

Todd Wilmoth is one of our Park Service Specialist of the Cross Florida Greenway. He started with Florida State parks back in 2014 at Rainbow Springs State Park as a Park Ranger. Then in 2016 he made his transition over to the Cross Florida Greenway. Since that day he has been a great asset to our park!

Todd is a retired veteran of the U.S. Marine Corp. He incorporates what he has learned through his training in the military with his work on the Greenway. He takes pride in what he does and working with him is always an adventure! From doing trail volunteer work days to facilitating special events he is always helpful! Being a Park Service Specialist, Todd is always outside maintaining our trails and facilities and making sure the trail users and volunteers know we are always there to help when needed! He is always smiling and happy and you can tell he loves his job by the way he always is so eager to go out and get things done!

Come enjoy our community of trail users, and you’ll know Todd if you see him, he will be the one smiling and waving at everyone he sees.

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