Drip Torch
Scrub Trail
Marsh Rosegentian (Sabatia dodecandra)
Marsh under a blue sky
Florida Scrub Jay
Grass-covered marsh prescribed fire
Southern Hairstreak
A red drip torch sits in the foreground of the picture as a fire burns through an area of Scrub habitat in the background.
A pure, white sand trail winds along an area thick with short Oak shrubs.  S few solitary pines are seen in the background beneath a blue sky.
The delicate pink bloom of a Marsh Rosegentian.  It has eleven pink petals surrounding eight stamens covered in bright yellow pollen.
View of a flooded marsh with tall grasses in the foreground, and a few solitary pines in the background beneath a blue sky with a handful of fluffy white clouds floating by.
Side-view of a Florida Scrub Jay perched on top of an oak branch.  The bird has a black beak, a gray face and neck, and the back of its head, its wings, and its tail are blue.
A large prescribed fire moves across a grass covered marsh.
Southern Hairstreak Butterfly purched upside-down on an oak branch.  The butterflies closed wings are mostly a dark grey with red markings along the back edge of the wing and a single translucent blue marking below the red ones.
A close-up of a couple of small yellow flowers with brown centers in front of other small yellow and white flowers which are out of focus in the background.

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Cedar Key Scrub State Reserve

Welcome to Cedar Key Scrub State Reserve

Salt marshes on the Gulf of Mexico give way to a succession of swamps, hardwood forests, pine flatwoods and scrub, providing splendid opportunities for nature study and wildlife observation. The scrub is dominated by species such as sand live oak, myrtle oak and Chapman's oak, along with rusty lyonia and saw palmetto. Hikers and off-road bicyclists who want to experience a mosaic of Florida habitats will find it on the miles of trails that wind through the park. The shallow waters and numerous creeks near the salt marshes are ideal for canoeing and kayaking. Rental canoes and kayaks are available in the city of Cedar Key.

Directions to this Park


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