Volunteer Spotlight, Jimmy & Glenda Goble

The Gobles

Jimmy & Glenda Goble

The Gobles have been volunteering with Florida State Parks for five years!

During their time as resident campground hosts, they’ve volunteered at Torreya, Manatee Springs, Suwannee River, and even at state parks in Georgia. They love the chance to stay active and the many opportunities for positive interaction with campers and other hosts from all over the world.

You’ll find Jimmy and Glenda working in the campground greeting campers, answering questions, and taking care of any problems that arise during the day. They never hesitate to offer their help and go above and beyond to make sure everyone is enjoying their stay.

Their favorite parts of Suwannee River State Park are the small size, central location to large cities, and all the history you can find here. 

Fun fact: The Gobles have eaten at almost every restaurant in the area, so be sure to ask them for food suggestions!