Greenways and Connectivity

Trail at Price's Scrub State Park

The Florida Greenways and Trails System (FGTS) is made up of existing, planned and conceptual non-motorized trails and ecological greenways that form a connected, integrated statewide network.

Trails include paddling, hiking, biking, multi-use and equestrian trails. These pathways offer residents and visitors a scenic, safe and healthy transportation alternative to Florida’s highways.

These greenways also create linkage between conservation areas for wildlife to travel safely. These links are known as wildlife corridors and are critical for the maintenance of ecological processes including allowing for the movement of animals and the continuation of viable populations.

Price's Scrub State Park sign

Price’s Scrub State Park plays a role in the proposed connection of Paynes Prairie Preserve State Park/Lochloosa Wildlife Conservation Area to the north to the Goethe State Forest to the west and helps the proposed connection to the Cross Florida Greenway. This planned Northwest Marion Greenway is a part of the Marion County Comprehensive Plan.

Price’s Scrub was also included in an Opportunity Corridor that is part of the Greenways and Trails Council’s statewide plan. Through a combination of land acquisition, conservation easements and landowner agreements, a continuous greenway links all of these destinations, and provides hikers, bikers and equestrians with the opportunity to traverse central Florida horse country and enjoy its varied and scenic landscape.