Staff Spotlight, Shunne Elerby

a park ranger points at a beach habitat for several visitors.

Park Ranger, Shunne Elerby

Big Talbot Island State Park

For the past six years, Shunne Elerby has dedicated his time and service to Big Talbot Island State Park. A Jacksonville native, Shunne served his country both at home and abroad as a U.S. Air Force engineer and airman. Returning to his roots in Northeast Florida, he now enjoys leading hikes along Big Talbot’s beautiful shorelines along with his other duties.

He takes pride in excellent customer service and goes above and beyond to ensure visitors enjoy their park experience.

Shunne's favorite interpretive program is Hike for Health, a roughly 8-mile round-trip guided nature hike along the trails of Little Talbot Island State Park.

Starting at the south end of the island on the paved Timucuan pathway, he guides visitors 2.5 miles north to the ranger station where the shady Dune Ridge trail leads them another 2.5 miles through ancient maritime hammock forest to the shore. From there, visitors enjoy the sounds and sights of the Atlantic Ocean as they trek the 3.5 miles back south to their starting point along the beach.

Improving the health and lives of others through outdoor experiences and recreational opportunities is clearly one of Shunne's passions, and he hopes to be able to share them with you on your next visit to Big Talbot Island State Park.

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