Staff Spotlight, Richard Eldridge

Richard Eldridge

Richard Eldridge, Park Ranger

Richard has always enjoyed working outdoors and working with his hands.

Combining those skills and a love for protecting Florida’s resources, it was only natural that Richard found a place to help at Fanning Springs in 2017.

After working as a ranger at Fanning, he transferred to a position at Madison Blue Spring and Suwannee River state parks. At Madison Blue, Richard spends his days assisting visitors, helping colleagues, maintaining the park grounds and protecting the spring. He always has an eye out for quick fixes around the park and has contributed to almost every improvement project at Madison.

His favorite natural feature at the park is the extensive cave and cavern system that can be accessed at the springhead. Richard recommends that park visitors snorkel or swim in the clear blue waters of our first-magnitude spring at Madison Blue.