Anastasia Beach Mouse

A view of the Anastasia Beach Mouse among the vegetation.

Among the foliage and shrubbery of the beach is where the federally endangered Anastasia Island beach mouse (Peromyscus polionotus phasma) calls home. Marked with a light buff colored back, pure white underparts, and indistinct white markings on their face, this adorable creature has become this park’s unofficial mascot. Anastasia State Park provides habitat for the largest population of Anastasia Island beach mice on public lands. In fact, this illusive creature is endemic to this area, which means it can only be found on Anastasia Island.

Although it is nearly impossible to view this animal in action, you can most certainly view their work. The diet of the Anastasia Island beach mouse consists of insects and the seeds and fruit of dune vegetation. Thanks to the eating and burrowing habits of this special mouse, much of the vegetation on our beach’s dune can be thanks to this animal. This includes the protected dune-stabilizing plant, sea oats. The Anastasia Beach Mouse promotes the park’s biodiversity and natural resources, as the park’s “little farmer.”