Sherman's Fox Squirrel

A view of a Sherman's Fox Squirrel perched on a fence post.

The Sherman’s Fox Squirrel is a native squirrel that can be found in north Florida and south Georgia regions. A particularly larger species of squirrel, they can weight between one and three pounds. The defining feature of this squirrel is that its head is colored black, with the nose and ears being white. Although there can be variations – from all black to black and silver – most species will exhibit the aforementioned coloration.

You can most often find Sherman’s Fox Squirrels in areas that have longleaf pines and sandhill habitats. Their diet consists of fruit, nuts and seeds, with pine seeds being one of their favorites.

Fox Squirrel

The squirrel is named after H. B. Sherman, an esteemed ecologist who studied small mammals. He made many contributions to the study of native Florida mammals with his research. 

Since Sherman's time, much of the squirrel's habitat has been lost to development and deforestation. Because of this, the squirrels are protected throughout Florida with law prohibiting the hunting and capturing of these creatures.

Following Hurricane Michael, the landscape at Three Rivers State Park was changed drastically, downing many trees throughout the park. The once lush forests have been made significantly more sparse. The worry following the storm was that the fox squirrel, who nests in the trees, would be affected. But the species is adaptive and resilient, and the population has been recovering and increasing in numbers since the storm.

A view of a Sherman's fox squirrell