Volunteer Spotlight, Ken & Pattie Fox

Volunteers Ken and Pattie Fox stand in front of azalea bushes at the Orman House full of bright fuschia blooms.

Ken & Pattie Fox

John Gorrie Museum State Park

Ken and Pattie are snowbirds from rural SW Michigan and come to Florida each year for a warm place to stay for the winter.  Both being very active nature people, Ken and Pattie couldn't just sit on the beach for 3 months.  They became friends with a great group of volunteers at St. Joseph Peninsula State Park and wanted to join them. Volunteering ever since, they have contributed their time and talents at several Florida State Parks including St. Joseph Peninsula State Park and St. George Island State Park.  As resident volunteers at the Orman House Historic State Park, they also get to assist at the John Gorrie Museum State Park

Ken and Pattie say they enjoy volunteering because staff trust in their abilities and the job is never boring. They love being able to "play" in the gardens and yard during the winter months. You will typically see Ken and Pattie busily working in the yard and gardens weeding, thinning, pruning, and planting. As spring approaches, mowing,edging, blowing and sawing become part of their routine. They also assist in the Orman House and John Gorrie Museum by cleaning, performing minor repairs, painting or helping with tours.  Their favorite part of volunteering at the Orman House is sitting on the front porch of the beautiful mansion after a full day of work.  

When they aren't volunteering, Ken and Pattie enjoy nature watching and have developed a keen interest in Monarch butterflies. They are excited to watch the ospreys court and nest in the area and love hearing and seeing the Great Horned Owl up close in the early evening or morning hours. Fishing in St. George Island State Park is another highlight of their stay in the area.  

Ken and Pattie invite you to come enjoy the John Gorrie Museum or Orman House Historic State Parks.

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