Staff Spotlight, Meghan Harris

a woman in uniform talks to a group of children outside

Environmental Specialist, Meghan Harris

Pumpkin Hill Creek Preserve State Park

Meghan Harris grew up camping, hiking and visiting natural history museums as a child. She was always interested in the world around her and preferred to be outside playing, so it seemed fitting to find an occupation that allowed her to enjoy the outdoors while making a difference.

Meghan found a career path with the Florida Park Service that melded the hope to make the world a better place while fulfilling her passion for the natural world. Meghan enjoys being part of a network of people who share similar goals in providing a place for the public to enjoy and create memories, while restoring and preserving the land for future generations. 

Meghan has many different places that she enjoys among the Talbot Island parks, saying that it depends on the park and her mood as to which is her current favorite. When she is feeling upset or frustrated there is a special place at Pumpkin Hill that turns her mood around. Her favorite thing to do in the park is to jump into the UTV and take a drive. It helps her get to know the park intimately, to notice the minute changes over time and then share her observations with co-workers and the public.

She is most proud of the restoration of Pumpkin Hill Creek Preserve State Park. The work is far from over, yet she says that the smallest achievement is worth the work. Meghan has taken the role of primary manager on multiple restoration efforts including timber harvest, restoration mowing and roller chopping, contract burning, plow line rehab, low water crossings, prescribed fire and more. She enjoys explaining to visitors what staff do to help preserve the park into the future.

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