Staff Spotlight, Leroy Smith

A man in uniform stands in front of a museum background

Museum Guide, Leroy Smith

Crystal River Archaeological State Park

Leroy Smith cannot be kept away from Crystal River Archaeological State Park! In 2011, Leroy retired from this park after a 30-year career as a park ranger. He joined the Friends of Crystal River State Parks and has served many positions in the organization, including president. Now, Leroy works part-time as a Museum Guide at Crystal River Archaeological State Park

Whether greeting visitors or answering questions about the history of the park for other team members, his love for the park is apparent.

Leroy grew up in Sumter County and has extensively traveled the state of Florida. When you meet Leroy you will want to pull up a chair and let him tell you a story about the archaeological site or about growing up in “old Florida.”

Leroy’s favorite part of his job is greeting the visitors from all over the world, as well as interpreting the ancient Native American ways of life. When asked what he likes most about the park, Leroy says that “this site has such a long history of human activity supported by the unique local ecosystem, and I enjoy making that connection for our visitors.”

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