Staff Spotlight, Douglas Rogers


Environmental Specialist I, Douglas Rogers

Savannas Preserve State Park

Originally from Miami-Dade County, Doug started his journey as an AmeriCorps member and worked his way up to an Environmental Specialist. 

Doug says his passions are working with prescribed fires and with the Scrub Jays. This gives him an opportunity to enjoy the wildflowers and grasses, the scrub ecosystem, and the vast expanse of space the park provides. With over 7,000 acres, there are always new and remote places ripe for exploration or adventure.

Doug spends most of his time in the woods taking data or in the office generating work plans to deal with exotic plants and animals like the infamous Brazilian pepper. Given the size of the park, one of his favorite aspects of his job is to see the large-scale difference his restoration efforts have.

Perhaps in the future you can catch Doug at a Bio-Blitz program where he shares what he knows with you and how he uses what he has learned through the years to keep the Savannas beautiful.

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