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The mission of the Florida Conservation Corps is to develop natural and cultural resource leaders by connecting them to areas of critical need in conservation, preservation, interpretation and resource based recreation.

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What is the Florida Conservation Corps?

The Florida Conservation Corps (FLCC) is an office within the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) Division of Recreation and Parks (Florida Park Service) that operates an AmeriCorps National Service Program. This program is divided into three project areas that each address either a major issue facing Florida State Parks or a component of the FLCC mission. The three project areas are: Project A.N.T. (AmeriCorps Non-native plant Terminators), Project R.O.A.R. (Regional Outreach and Awareness Recruiters) and Project T.R.E.C. (Trail Restoration and Enhancement Corps).

FLCC provides hands-on service learning opportunities designed to develop leaders in the fields of land management, cultural preservation, resource based recreation and park facility management. Past and present FLCC members often cite their service term as the experience that helped them develop the confidence, knowledge and abilities necessary to conserve and interpret natural and cultural resources in balance with the use and enjoyment by the public.

Project A.N.T.

The Project A.N.T. (AmeriCorps Non-native plant Terminators) program focuses the energy and enthusiasm of fulltime AmeriCorps members on the second leading cause of habitat loss, the spread of invasive exotic plants. Assigned to state parks in pairs, Project A.N.T. members commit to 11 months and 1,700 hours, approximately 40 hours per week, battling invasive exotic plants using a three prong approach:

  1. treatment, removal survey
  2. education of park visitors and local community
  3. volunteer recruitment and management

Additionally, Project A.N.T. members also improve and assess trails within state parks. While focused on invasive exotic plant management, Project A.N.T. members gain a wealth of training and hands-on experience in natural resource management, along with professional and personal development.

Project R.O.A.R.

The Project R.O.A.R. (Regional Outreach and Awareness Recruiters) program places members in unique regional positions to serve as liaisons between other FLCC projects and the public. These AmeriCorps members also work closely with Florida Park Service and FLCC staff to reach volunteer recruitment goals and prepare outreach materials. Project R.O.A.R. members commit to 11 months and 1,700 hours, approximately 40 hours per week, communicating the impact of AmeriCorps service and value of volunteerism with three main focus areas:

  1. regional volunteer management/recruitment and outreach projects
  2. volunteer recruitment and outreach assistance for Project A.N.T. and Project T.R.E.C. members
  3. coordination with FLCC staff on special projects and initiatives

Project R.O.A.R. members will also have the opportunity to engage with the public in the form of various outreach and interpretation presentations. Through their primary work assignments members will receive valuable experience in volunteer management and communication along with personal and professional development.

Project T.R.E.C.

The Project T.R.E.C. (Trail Restoration and Enhancement Corps) program focuses AmeriCorps members’ time and attention to preserving, improving, and supporting the wonderful recreation trails within Florida State Parks. These members will serve as part of a traveling team, based out of the FLCC office headquarters in Gainesville, FL, serving in parks throughout the state. These members commit to 11 months and 1,700 hours, approximately 40 hours per week, to improving and advocating for recreational trails through three primary service assignments:

  1. physical trail maintenance for increased usability
  2. creation of signs and trail brochures to increase park visitor awareness
  3. engaging with volunteers in trail maintenance and assessment

Furthermore, Project T.R.E.C. members will learn about the principles of trail preservation, creation, and accessibility improvements that can aid them in future career goals; along with the personal and professional development offered by the FLCC program.

Member Benefits:

  • A monthly living allowance
  • Eligible for health insurance coverage, childcare assistance and student loan forbearance options
  • Upon completion of the term of service, members receive a Segal AmeriCorps Education Award
  • Gain hands on experience and training in the areas of natural resource restoration, interpretation and volunteer recruitment and management.

For additional information regarding AmeriCorps program benefits and other information, visit AmeriCorps State & National FAQs.

Contact Information

For additional information please contact the Florida Conservation Corps Administration Office at:
Florida Conservation Corps
4801 Camp Ranch Road
Gainesville, Florida 32641
(352) 204-4527