Cedar Keys Their History from Prehistoric Times
Cedar Keys and the Civil War
Trail to the water
The Whitman Home
Whitman trail
Museum Sitting Area
Whitman Home Museum Room
Some Florida Mollusks
A stained wood wall with the words "Cedar Keys Their History from Prehistoric Times" written in large letters.  There are five black picrture frames below the words although we can't see what is in the frames.  Museum exhibits can be seen on the left.
A Civil War Rifle lays pointed away from the viewer in the bottom of a museum exhibit titled "Cedar Keys and The Civil War".  The exhibit also has other unidentifiabl pictures and unreadable text.
An interpretive sign about saltmarshes stands next to a narrow trail that leads between some shrubs.  Where the trail leads is hidden by the shrubs on the right but it appears to lead down to the water which is in the background of the picture.
A wooden sign that reads "The Whitman Home" hangs in front of a late 19th Century house covered in deep red Cedar shake shingles.  On the front porch some rocking chairs are visible.
A sandy trail leads beneath the shade of a bunch of pine trees beneath a perfectly blue sky.
On the left, large windows fill the museum's entrance sitting area which is filled with couches and chairs with blue cushions.  On the far wall is a dispay of historic glass, which is to the left of the door leading out to the museums grounds.
A picture of St. Clair Whitman explaining his shell displays to another gentleman, sits on a table with two large conch shells and an old kerosene lamps. In the background, behind the table out of focus, are the same displays from the picture on the table
An exhibit titled "Some Florida Mollusks from the St. Clair Whitman Collection" over 100 shells hung on a light blue wall behind glass.

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Cedar Key Museum State Park

Welcome to Cedar Key Museum State Park

Picturesque Cedar Key, on Florida's Gulf Coast, was a thriving port city and railroad connection during the 19th century. The museum contains exhibits that depict its colorful history during that era. Part of the collection is sea shells and Indian artifacts collected by Saint Clair Whitman, the founder of the first museum in Cedar Key. Whitman's house is located at the park and has been restored to reflect life in the 1920s.

A short nature trail gives visitors the opportunity to see wildlife and birds, as well as native vegetation. Small gray squirrels, gopher tortoises, mockingbirds, blue jays, woodpeckers, and green tree frogs can be seen on the museum grounds and along the walking trail. Open Thursday through Monday.

Click here to see a short piece about the museum by the Florida Channel.

Directions to this Park

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