Paddle the Gulf Marshes at Cedar Key

View of the marsh at Cedar Key
Bird in the salt marsh at Cedar Key

Cedar Key Museum State Park offers you a chance to not only explore a fascinating museum, but to get on the water! A short walk along the tranquil nature trail will lead you to a boat launch, where you can put in your kayak or canoe and explore the salt marshes around Cedar Key. These waters attract people from far and wide!

Bring your binoculars to enjoy a variety of bird life in the salt marshes that line the shores. Ospreys soar overhead, scanning the water below for their next meal. Roseate spoonbills and other wading birds congregate in groups, striding through the shallow waters.

This is also a fishing hotspot. So, if you have the rod and tackle, plus the necessary balance to fish-while-paddling, you will not be disappointed.

Paddling around Cedar Key Museum State Park is a great way to get outside, observe wildlife and experience ...the Real Florida.