Trails & Wildlife at Lake Jackson

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The Lake Jackson Mounds Archaeological State Park land was originally part of a large estate and grist mill owned by Colonel Robert Butler, the nephew-in-law of Andrew Jackson and first Surveyor General of Florida. 

The Old Orchard Trail system winds through forested hills where giant trees from a pecan orchard can still be found. The Butler Mill Trail is short but traverses the old estate’s waterworks, passing the site of the mill and crossing an earthen dam once used to irrigate the fields. It offers changes in terrain that make it a fun walk. The trail starts at the very end of the parking area and heads right into the shade of the hardwood forest.

The wooded area of Lake Jackson Mounds Archaeological State Park  is made up of upland pinelands and ravine forest. Herbaceous plant species such as violets, trillium and rattlesnake fern are common. The park also offers numerous opportunities for wildlife viewing and bird-watching. Adventurous visitors may encounter deer, squirrels, turtles and a wide variety of bird species.

Picnic tables are located within view of the two large mounds. A pavilion is also available for family gatherings and other special occasions. Guided tours are available upon two-week request by contacting the park.