Stargazing at St. George Island

Beach under night sky
St. George Pavillion at night

Located on a barrier island on Florida’s Forgotten Coast, Dr. Julian G. Bruce St. George Island State Park is tucked away from major city lights. Minimal light pollution affords breathtaking opportunities to witness a truly dark sky. The park offers the best viewing of the night sky in the region, and staff are working toward a designation as a Dark Sky Park with the International Dark Sky Association.

Stargazers have the chance to see stars, planets and other celestial bodies in incomprehensible numbers and unforgettable brilliance. 

Jupiter and Saturn are both clearly visible in the night sky. You might be able to witness the International Space Station making its orbit around Earth, or witness the wispy white and purple glow of the Milky Way rising over the white sand dunes. 

All Florida State Parks close at sunset; however, we offer several ways to gain after-hours access to the park to enjoy the dark skies:

  1. Reserve a campsite in our family campground online or by calling Reserve America. 
  2. If you are a Florida State Parks Family Annual Pass holder interested in gaining access to the preserve after sunset, please visit the office during our regular office hours and sign up for an after-hours permit, which would grant you access to the park's common day use areas after hours. 

Please note that the entrance is closed daily 15 minutes after sunset; only registered campers or after-hours pass holders are allowed entry after dark.