Staff Spotlight, Shannon Black

Park Ranger Shannon Black.

Staff Spotlight, Shannon Black

Ranger Shannon Black enjoys spending time on our waterways and shores.

Florida State Parks are about preservation, interpretation and restoration. That mission is only brought to fruition by the efforts and dedication of people like Shannon Black.

Shannon’s resume includes a two-year stint at Gasparilla Island State Park, followed by six years at Cayo Costa State Park. Today he leads the ranger staff at Don Pedro Island State Park. 

Working on Don Pedro Island requires a diverse set of skills. His time is split between the land based portion on the mainland and the island. Maintaining the trails, facilities and beaches spread over 230 acres and a variety of natural communities is sometimes a daunting task.

Like so many of our staff, Shannon has a love for the natural beauty of our state parks. He enjoys spending time on our waterways, flat pinewoods and shores. His work time has instilled a growing love and appreciation for nature.

If you see Ranger Shannon in your travels, you’ll find him friendly and helpful. Shannon Black brings a combination of professionalism, character and personality to his colleagues and visitors.

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