Staff Spotlight, Robyn Anderson and Timmy Murray

Brian Fugate and BJ Givens present a 2022 Lifesaver Award to Robyn Anderson and Timmy Murray.

Staff Spotlight, Robyn Anderson and Timmy Murray

Robyn Anderson and Timmy Murray are the recipients of the 2022 Lifesaver Award. The Lifesaver Award is given to an employee or volunteer whose actions save the life of another person.

On Nov. 3, 2021, Timmy Murray, the Weeki Wachee Springs State Park waterpark manager, was walking to the waterpark when he spotted an unconscious child being pulled from the water onto the small lifeguard platform.

Park Operations Manager Robyn Anderson responded to Murray’s call for help. Both jumped into the water to swim to the platform. A family member was giving compressions, and the child began coughing and was becoming alert.

Robyn conducted a secondary assessment while Timmy was on the phone with 911. Robyn explained to the child that she and Timmy needed to get him on the rescue tube so they could bring him to fire rescue waiting on shore to further evaluate him.

The child was understandably hesitant to go back in the water. With a little more assurance from both Robyn and Timmy, he was ready to try. Timmy entered the water first, and Robyn made sure that all the rescue tubes were aligned so it created a raft. Timmy secured the tubes in the water. Robyn then wrapped her arms around the child’s waist and gently slipped into the water with him. Both Timmy and Robyn than swam him safely back to shore where a Hernando County Rescue team was waiting.

The child was alert and vital signs were good.

Congratulations to Timmy and Robyn. Their efforts saved the life of this child.

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