Staff Spotlight, John Meeks

John Meeks

After graduating from high school, John completed three years of military service as an army infantryman. He returned to Highlands County, worked several trade jobs and began a family. He then made the decision to become a corrections officer with the Florida Department of Corrections. During his 22-year tenure, he served at multiple prisons including Avon Park Correctional Institution. 

For several years, he transported the Avon Park work crew to Highlands Hammock and Lake June and supervised the inmates as they trimmed trails, removed exotic vegetation and engaged in other tasks. This experience led him to change his career path in 2021. John, who is very public-service minded, has stated, “It is an honor and a pleasure for me to serve in my role as a park ranger.”  

John fully embraces all aspects of being a ranger, from checking in campers to campground restroom maintenance to resource management including prescribed fire and exotic removal. He thoroughly enjoys communicating with park visitors. Through sharing his ranger experiences with Scouts and other youth doing orientations for group volunteer projects, he encourages stewardship.  

A solid planner who seeks to meet goals, John is looking forward to prescribed fire and other trainings, and he recently became a certified interpretive guide.

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