Kite Boarding at Curry Hammock

Kite boarders_pic

Watching your kite soar across the blue sky is a favorite activity of those enjoying the park. However, that simple activity can be experienced in a whole new way.

Secure yourself on a board and let the wind propel you and your kite across the emerald waters of the bay. If you're not feeling that adventurous, spend the day watching these daring visitors ride the winds on their colorful kites. 

When the winds are right, Curry Hammock State Park draws kite boarders from throughout the state, so many that we often get asked if we’re having an event!

To ensure safety of all visitors, the park has developed policies for kite boarding. All kites are to be launched and landed from the day use area only. Once launched, all activities should take place 300 feet from the shoreline. 

Landing should take place at the day use area as well. In the event of an emergency landing outside the permitted zone, the kite must be landed and carried (not flown) back to the day use area.