Flora & Fauna of Lake Talquin

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The rolling hills of the uplands of Lake Talquin State Park are covered with forests full of pines and hardwoods. Large loblolly pine, American beech, Southern magnolia, sweet gum, red maple and majestic oak trees dominate these woods. 

Bird at Lake Talquin

Deep steephead ravines along the edge of the lake form fingers that provide a moist habitat for many specially adapted and delicate plants and animal species.

More than 100 species of birds nest along the Talquin and Ochlockonee during different times of the year. Among the variety of birds are Carolina chickadee, the tricolor heron and the Acadian flycatcher. 

About 400 plants have been documented growing in the nine communities within the park, including trout lilies, heart-leaf and pyramid magnolia.

When you plan your visits, keep in mind the park also features an amazing picnic pavilion. Up to 100 guests can celebrate surrounded by gorgeous greenery.

Let the picturesque backdrop of Lake Talquin State Park be the setting for your next family reunion, party or wedding.

Large bright yellow flower of the trout lily.