Explore the Nature Center

The Nature Center at Oscar Scherer State Park.

The nature center offers interactive ways to learn about park programs, history and wildlife.

Oscar Scherer’s interpretive nature center is located adjacent to Lake Osprey and a large picnic area and is a short walk over the bridge from the campground.

Stop in to chat with one of our wonderful volunteers to learn more. Hours may vary so contact the park for current hours.

A screen room is available as a computer room and is set up with tables, chairs and a view of the lake. Wi-Fi connection is provided for use by the park's citizen support organization, the Friends of Oscar Scherer

Inside you will find:

  • A small gift shop featuring collectibles and souvenirs from T-shirts to animal identification brochures, magnets, hiking stick pins and more. Don’t forget to grab a snack while you’re there.
  • Realistic dioramas with some of the park's fascinating wildlife, above ground and underground.
  • Push a button on the Sights and Sounds interactive display and hear sounds of some of the wildlife found in the park.
  • Take a seat for your choice of programs about the local area, park history and wildlife.
  • Trail maps, program brochures and local highlights are available.
  • "A Changing Landscape" takes you through a timeline of six maps with the progression of development surrounding the park from 1960 to 2019.

Check out the reference library for that wildlife you want to know more about or just can’t identify. A volunteer staff member will be glad to assist.