Friends of Oscar Scherer Park

Friends of Oscar Scherer State Park
Our story

Our purpose is to raise funds from events and appropriate grants that can be used by Oscar Scherer State Park for projects and equipment purchases.

Our Mission

  • To support the preservation and protection of the cultural resources and natural systems of Oscar Scherer State Park.
  • To promote public awareness of the ecological importance of the park through interpretive programs, special events, and social functions.
  • To provide volunteer projects, services and general assistance to the park.


In addition to providing funds for the purchase of equipment, the friends group also finances the production of maps, fact sheets, trail guides, newsletters and other interactive displays to help visitors experience the park more fully.

We are currently in the advanced planning stages of an $200,000 boardwalk project that will span a corner of Lake Osprey. The boardwalk will be fully ADA compliant and will provide both a fishing pier and a general recreation focus for the park.

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