Clayton Iron Wolf

Clayton Iron Wolf served in the US Navy.

Clayton D. Iron Wolf is a park ranger at Camp Helen State Park in Panama City Beach.

In which branch of the armed forces did you serve?

U.S. Navy.

Briefly describe your job in the military. Include the number of years you served.

I served aboard an aircraft carrier, the USS Constellation CV-64, as an Aviation Boatswains Mate. I worked on the flight deck, assigned to V2 division, the Bow Catapults, involved in launching aircraft from the flight deck. I served for three years.

Which bureau, office, park or trail do you work for now?

Camp Helen State Park.

Describe your job in the park service? What are your favorite parts of your job?

I work at a small park and am the only full-time park ranger who is assigned here. Based upon my training, experience and diverse skill sets, I am afforded the opportunity to routinely work in all aspects of the "Big 5" (administration, visitor service, maintenance, resource management and protection), helping to make manifest my manager’s vision for the park’s future. I enjoy the fact that there is always something going on and something to do.

How did your service in the military prepare you for working for the Florida Park Service?

Learning how to work as a member of a team, belonging to and being a part of something important and bigger than yourself.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to pursue a career in the Florida Park Service?

A great way to be sure that working in the parks is right for you is to consider volunteering first, to see what our jobs are like. The process of applying to be a volunteer is fairly quick and easy. Come on up with me to the office, where we have an instructional handout for applying.