Staff Spotlight, Savana Simmons

Savana Simmons with Turtle Hatchlings

Park Ranger, Savana Simmons

Fort George Island Cultural State Park

When she was growing up in South Florida, Savana Simmons and her family would go to Dr. Von D. Mizell-Eula Johnson State Park whenever they could. They always enjoyed going to the beach and being in a state park. Today, being a part of the Florida Park Service means that she has achieved her goal of working somewhere that protects the environment and inspires future generations.

Savana loves watching the sunrise from the water access at the Ribault Club as well as walking the trails through the park because, according to her, “there is so much to see and experience.” She is particularly proud of her work at Fort George in helping trim the hiking trail in the campground. This work helped to maintain the trail used for the kids' Hike and Seek program, and it made it accessible for many more visitors to come.

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