Staff Spotlight, Angela Ziegler

Angela, wearing her ranger uniform, smiling at the camera.

Administrative Assistant, Angela Ziegler

Little Talbot Island State Park

Angela Ziegler grew up in Alabama, went to college at Auburn University and Park University. She spent several years in the US Air Force where she got to see many cultures and climates during her time in service.  She became Little Talbot Island State Park’s Administrative Assistant in 2017 and has quickly become the “go to” person for all sorts of questions.

Angela’s favorite place to visit in the park, at least so far, is the north end of Little Talbot Island where she loves to watch the sunrise over the Atlantic.  A close second for activities is observing park visitors while they enjoy the beautiful beaches and answering their questions about this gem of a park in North Florida.

Angela has gained a vast amount of knowledge of the waves, birds, dolphins and turtles present along the shore and has taken an active role in the sea turtle program and nesting shorebird survey even though her primary duties are spent in reconciling the budgets of the seven parks under the Little Talbot Island administrative group. Though she relishes the time spent outside her proudest moment thus far was arriving at a balanced budget at years end for all seven parks even though she was not present for the first half of the fiscal year.

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