Girl Scouts Love State Parks

Two Girl Scouts doing Junior Ranger activities.  Includes superimposed Girl Scouts Love State Parks and Florida State Park logos

Girl Scouts Love State Parks

September 12 &13, 2020

Welcome to your all-access-pass to everything you need for your Girl Scouts Love State Parks Virtual Florida Adventure. We have curated a collection of fun activities, park videos and career inspirations just for you. Enjoy exploring Florida State Parks and get inspired to experience Florida State Parks like a G.I.R.L.  

To Participate:

  1. Watch the Welcome Video with Ranger Scarlett.
  2. Read three stories of Women in the Florida Park Service.
  3. Watch two Women in Parks videos.
  4. Take the Virtual Junior Ranger Pledge.
  5. Complete the GSLSP Virtual Junior Ranger Mini Unit.

There is always more to explore with Florida State Parks! You can check out critter sheets, the rest of Virtual Junior Ranger, Color the Real Florida and Biologists Tell the the Story with the links at the bottom of this page.

Women in the Florida Park Service

There are 630 women in the Florida Park Service. More than 90 of those women participated in Girl Scouts as a child. Select from these 12 stories to discover more about their work and how being a Girl Scout inspired their careers. Click the image to read the more.

Sandy started working for Florida State Parks in 1971. She was one of the first women park rangers and managers.

Chanell finds peace, wonder and discovery while exploring (and working) at Florida’s state parks.

Maya learned about camping and nature as a Girl Scout. Now, she uses that knowledge to give back to the community.

Diana’s love of the outdoors led her to the AmeriCorps program before becoming a park ranger in 2006.

Thea loves her park uniform. She says she feels like she is still wearing a Girl Scout uniform every day.

Lynne says countless hours exploring her childhood neighborhood led to a science degree.

Shannon advises: “Know that you are capable of everything. You are strong enough. You are smart enough.”

Elena advises today’s Girl Scouts to “follow your star and do what you love!” along with work hard and have fun. 

Alice works as a biologist and says believe in yourself as a leader and follow the Girl Scout Law. 

Heather learned how to communicate through selling Girl Scout Cookies and teaching skills to younger scouts.

Heather feels her focus on service, teamwork and leadership are rooted in her scouting experiences.

Gabrielle was inspired to become a ranger because she loves being outdoors and protecting resources.

Click here to read more interviews.

Women in Parks

These videos show the many different ways you can become active in parks and at home. You can discover cool places, find fun adventures and learn interesting things.

Amazing Oysters with Ranger Alaina

Ranger Chandler helps repurpose plastics

Aquifer Experiment with Ranger Jane

Sabrina explores Florida's lakes

Brianna wants you to help baby sea turtles


Explore Blackwater River State Park with Ranger Aimee


Selah shares hiking tips for your next adventure


Wildlife Workout with Ranger Kate


See more videos on our GSLSP Playlist!

Virtual Junior Ranger Pledge

Watch the video and say the pledge along with Ranger JulieAnne. Then, complete your Virtual Junior Ranger Registration.

GSLSP Virtual Junior Ranger Mini Unit

The Virtual Junior Ranger Program is a fun and engaging way to learn about parks and connect to the natural and cultural wonders of Florida. Virtual Junior Rangers can explore parks from anywhere and discover the fun and exciting ways rangers help make Florida State Parks the amazing places they are.

The GSLSP Virtual Junior Ranger Mini Unit  will help you to track your virtual experience. At the end you will get a special digital prize to use on your device and share with your family and friends.

Not a Girl Scout? Not a problem, you can still do these activities.

Want to know more about Girls Scouts? Visit the Girl Scouts Love State Parks page to learn more about the program.

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