Volunteer Spotlight, UVA Alternative Spring Break

a group of college students in blue shirts and a park ranger stand arm in arm next to each other on the beach

UVA Alternative Spring Break

Amelia Island State Park

The mission of Alternative Spring Break at the University of Virginia is to bring together members in the common goals of charitable service and education about the global community.

Nine students from the University of Virginia dedicated their spring break on March 9-15, 2021 to assisting staff in preparing the nesting beaches for the upcoming sea turtle and shorebird season. Driving 10 hours from Charlottesville, Virginia, these students donated a total of 207 hours of volunteer service to the state parks.

The volunteers posted miles of shoreline nesting area with wooden signs, string and flagging to protect vulnerable eggs and chicks from disturbance. They also removed over 30 bags of litter, reducing the risk of accidental ingestion or entanglement that could injure wildlife. The students also had the chance to explore the park and surrounding areas of Jacksonville and Fernandina Beach, hiking and camping in the park for the week.

We have hosted this hardworking crew for the past three years and are always impressed by their work in ongoing conservation efforts in Florida. We appreciate their service.

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