Volunteer Spotlight, Tad Isaacs

Tad, smiling at the camera.

Tad Isaacs

Mound Key Archaeological State Park

Tad Issacs was one of our new volunteers this season to Koreshan State Park and Mound Key Archaeological State Park. He and his wife Glenda came all the way from Georgia to volunteer.

In addition to state parks, they also volunteer for nonprofits such as Habitat for Humanity. Tad chose to volunteer at Koreshan and Mound Key to experience warmer weather during the winter and stay a bit closer to where they used to live in southwest Florida years ago. Having been raised on a farm, Tad has always enjoyed anything outdoors.

When he’s working, you can always catch Tad back at the shop as he is an assigned maintenance volunteer. He has helped with numerous projects including adding work space to the shop, ensuring that the shop is accessible for all volunteers and adding an extension to the equipment shed. Some of his most notable assistance came during the Old-Fashioned Holiday Bazaar that is held at Koreshan. He and Glenda helped with parking, guiding the traffic for over 4,600 visitors.

Tad says his favorite part of the job is building anything, as he is a true craftsman. Having been a contractor and builder for years, he is able to apply his immense knowledge and skill to get any project done. He is truly an asset to the parks, and we look forward to his return next year.

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