Volunteer Spotlight, Steve LIlly

Steve Lilly standing next to a sign on the beach.

Steve Lilly

Caladesi Island State Park

In 2010, Steve Lilly came from New Hampshire to visit family in Palm Harbor, Florida. He loved the surrounding area and the ample outdoor opportunities so much that he decided to stay. He saw that the community was highly involved in the local park, Caladesi Island State Park. With a love for the natural world Steve believed that volunteering would be the best way to indulge his passion.

Working outdoors and seeing projects to completion are what inspires Steve to keep coming back to Caladesi. You can most often catch him working on a project. His positive attitude keeps moral high among the team and keeps everyone motivated to finish the task at hand. He’s a hard worker who is always willing and ready to help with programs and special projects at the park. Steve’s favorite part about being a volunteer is the opportunity to meet new people. He enjoys interacting with visitors and sharing his vast knowledge and personal experiences with anyone visiting the area.

Steve’s favorite thing about the park is the simplicity and isolation of being on a barrier island. There’s a sense of peace that comes from being at the park. He enjoys every season in Florida, especially since there’s always an activity going on at one of the Florida State Parks. Steve sees himself always being an active volunteer on the island, being a part of the growing programs and activities at the park. He considers each day a “day in paradise” when he’s at Caladesi. He encourages anyone who hasn’t visited Caladesi Island State Park to visit and escape the hustle of mainland life and enjoy the peace and tranquility that the island offers.

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