Volunteer Spotlight, Norajean Miles

Norajean Miles dressed in period clothing holding a cup of tea.

Norajean Miles

Paynes Creek Historic State Park

Norajean Miles comes to us all the way from Kentucky. She came to the south seeking out warmer weather and an engaging history. She found both in Florida!

What drew Norajean to Paynes Creek Historic State Park was that it is a significant historical site. Having studied the second and third Seminole Wars, she is fascinated with how those events have affected Florida today. A long-time historical reenactor, she was amazed with the mix of Spanish, French, British and Native American cultures. One of her favorite activities is taking part in the Fort Chokonikla Reenactment event, embodying the spirit of Nancy McCullough, a figure that lived there in 1849. She enjoys greeting visitors and educating them about the time and how people lived during the 1800s.

What Norajean loves most about the outdoors is the beauty and diversity that you find in Florida State Parks. From the Panhandle to the Keys, Florida’s landscape showcases some of the most amazing parts of nature. As a resident volunteer she gets the opportunity to live in the park, while providing essential services for the park. She knows there’s something special about Paynes Creek. She says that walking the trails and watching the wildlife “bring peace to my soul.” Norajean hopes to be invited back next year to continue to work educating visitors about a subject she is so passionate about.

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