Volunteer Spotlight, Miles and Penny Carpenter

Volunteers Miles & Penny Carpenter

Miles & Penny Carpenter

Rock Springs Run State Reserve 

The Carpenters retired two years ago, at a fairly young age, and wanted something part time to do in between their travels. They found out about the state park system from family camping trips and fell in love with the Rock Springs Run and Katie's Landing areas while volunteering at Wekiwa Springs State Park.

"There is land for days and animals everywhere," they say. Their duties include landscaping, picking up tree debris, tending campsites and grounds at both properties as well as anything else they are asked to help with. 

Miles and Penny are in a resident volunteer program where they reside on the property in their RV during the volunteer timeframe. Their commitment is for four months at a time.

If you are someone who loves nature, knowledge and giving back, then the resident volunteer program is for you! 

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