Volunteer Spotlight, Maryann Andreychak and Debbi Black

Volunteers Maryann Andreychak and Debbi Black ride park service ATVs to monitor sea turtle nests

Maryann Andreychak and Debbi Black

North Peninsula State Park

We are both retired teachers with master degrees in environmental education from Montclair University in New Jersey. Looking forward to retirement, we knew we did not want to spend the winters indoors. Living adjacent to Gamble Rogers State Park, we became interested in maintaining it and North Peninsula State Park as a piece of “Old Florida.” We have been active with the Pepper Pickers team for about seven years, helping remove invasive Brazilian pepper trees, and with the Sea Turtle Patrol for six years. These activities keep us involved in the park year-round. 

We have visited many of the Florida State Parks across the state. All have been positive experiences. We enjoy doing our small part to help keep the outstanding reputation of the state park system alive and well at North Peninsula and Gamble Rogers.

The staff at North Peninsula/Gamble Rogers foster volunteerism and make it easy and enjoyable to spend time and energy for the good of the park. As volunteers we feel supported and appreciated. 

We plan to continue our efforts for as long as time and circumstances allow.

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