Volunteer Spotlight, Mark Beamer

Mark Beamer

Mark Beamer

Curry Hammock State Park

Mark Beamer is a precise, hardworking and dependable host and volunteer. When asked what he did before he retired he’ll tell you, “I made tools.”  I'm sure you visualized hammerheads and screwdrivers, right?  No, Mark designed and fabricated specialized tools for industries in Ohio, and programmed lathes and machinery to make more.  As a testament to his skills, when touring the Kennedy Space Center, he often says to himself “I can make that.” 

There is a tale about the ibis in South Florida.  It is the last animal to take shelter and the first to come out after a hurricane hits.  How lucky for us, that Mark was our ibis after Hurricane Irma.  Mark occupied the first site deemed safe with water and electricity and went straight to work.  This was no small task, as 27 other sites were buried three feet deep in sand and debris.  They were all dug out, debris was removed, the electric and water posts were located, then he laid new gravel and leveled each one.  For every camper that doesn’t have to spend an hour leveling their rig, “Thank you, Mark!” 

Mark loves the waters of the Keys and is an avid fisherman.  There are many ways to approach elusive fish prizes in the Keys, flats fishing, take out a boat, cast from the shore or go try your luck off the bridges.  Mark is bridge fishing artist, and he shares his knowledge to all of those that are willing to listen.  Thanks for all you do, and all you’ve done Mark.  Hope you get that 40 lb. permit this year.

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