Volunteer Spotlight, Keith Thompson

Volunteer Keith holding clippers

Keith Thompson

St. Sebastian River Preserve State Park

St. Sebastian River Preserve State Park is honored to present to you, Keith Thompson! Keith is the very definition of faithful service. At 17 he joined the Navy and had quite an exciting career, Keith not only served during the war but also traveled the world even surviving a helicopter crash! Keith retired as an E7 Chief after 22 years of service.

Keith went on to serve in a very active career with the United States Postal Service and Keith retired as a Postal Inspector after 20 of dedicated work. Keith was also the District Commissioner of the Boys Scouts of America for 15 years. It was in his years of service to the Boy Scouts that Keith mentored and impacted countless young men and motivated them to serve. Two examples being his own children; one of Keith’s sons served our country in the United States Army and later retired from the Florida Park Service as a manager and another retired from the Port St. Lucie Sheriff’s Department as major.

Keith has also motivated and left his mark on all of us here at St. Sebastian River Preserve State Park where he has served in almost every capacity as a volunteer and camp host for eight years. Keith is the guy that will never call in sick, never show up late and must be told to slow down or take a break. If it were up to him he would serve St. Sebastian River Preserve State Park seven days a week, 365 days a year.

On any given day while visiting St. Sebastian River Preserve State Park you are likely to see Keith’s smiling face on a tractor, holding bolt cutters, or faithfully locking and unlocking our gates. One thing is for sure, if you have the opportunity to run into him, you won’t leave the same, as he radiates life and love!

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