Volunteer Spotlight, Jacquie and Wally Lucas

Volunteers Wally and Jacquie with popcorn machine

Jacquie and Wally Lucas

Delnor-Wiggins Pass State Park

While visiting Topsail Hill Preserve State Park in their RV, Jacquie and Wally got to talking with volunteers there. They liked what heard and, after arriving back home in Massachusetts, decided to apply online as volunteers. They soon heard back from Lake Manatee State Park with an offer to come down as resident park hosts. Every fall they would make the trip down and after a few years decided to try their hand at a beach park.

Delnor-Wiggins Pass State Park soon became their winter home away from home.  They liked the area so much that they eventually sold their house in Massachusetts and moved to Naples permanently. 

Jacquie and Wally have been an invaluable addition to the team at Delnor-Wiggins. During their fall and winter residency, they would work every weekend keeping the park clean and safe for the thousands of daily visitors. They also found time to repaint bath houses, restripe park lots, repair equipment, rebuild boardwalks; you name it, they do it.

Did someone say popcorn? Years ago their son bought them a commercial grade popcorn machine. They would carry it in their coach to the parks and always had a fresh supply of popcorn on hand. Park Rangers looked forward to this as much as the help they provided.

Although Jacquie and Wally now make their home in Naples, they still spend October through January in the park. They also come in once to week to help and are at every event providing popcorn for the visitors.

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