Volunteer Spotlight, Dennis Romig

Dennis, standing by a truck, smiling at the camera.

Dennis Romig

Cayo Costa State Park

Dennis Romig has been an incredibly valuable volunteer for Cayo Costa for over 10 years. After he retired, he became involved with the Friends of Cayo Costa and began volunteering at Cayo Costa State Park. 

Among the many things he does for Cayo Costa State Park, Dennis is most known for driving the tram. He greets visitors and takes them from the dock to the beach, which happens to be his favorite part of the park. Along the ride, Dennis likes to throw out tidbits of information about the history of the barrier island. He takes great pride in helping foster an appreciation for the park, and helping guests understand why this piece of land is so special. 

Dennis also loves that volunteering allows him to meet people from all over the world. He hopes that their experience at Cayo Costa is so great that they want to one day help protect the park and its resources, like he does.

Dennis understands that the culture and history of the park is quite significant, and he loves celebrating it by participating in Cayo Costa Day, a festival held every November. Over all, Dennis believes Cayo Costa is a unique slice of unspoiled paradise, and he hopes it remains that way for generations to come.

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