Volunteer Spotlight, De Leon Springs

A group of volunteers selling plants from the nursery.

De Leon Springs State Park

Although De Leon Springs State Park is small, it has a wonderful group of dedicated volunteers who work hard to keep the park running. One of the focuses of the volunteer group is the on-site nursery. The nursery came about to produce heritage plants taken from cuttings in the park; the main plants being the azaleas and camellias. Over the years, they have expanded the amount of plants in the nursery and even sell them on select weekends. The volunteers think it’s important that visitors not only take memories with them, but perhaps even a “piece of the park” for them to cherish.

In addition to the nursery, there is also a butterfly garden the group helps maintain. The garden has over 500 plants for a variety of migrating butterflies. Even though the nursery and garden keep our volunteers busy, they still work year-round maintaining the park grounds and facilities, and overall assisting with the day to day operations of the park. Many of our volunteers go above and beyond in their duties by assisting the De Leon Friends Group with fundraising and marketing efforts as well. From coming in on their off days to stepping in the lead various educational programs, our volunteers’ passion for De Leon Springs shines through.

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