Volunteer Spotlight, Charlie & Barbara Mayes

a man and woman in blue shirts stand next to a tree.

Charlie and Barbara Mayes

Lafayette Blue Springs State Park

Charlie and Barbara Mayes have been working together as a team for while now, and at Lafayette Blue Springs State Park their partnership helps them provide exemplary volunteer service.

Neither Charlie nor Barbara are native Floridians - Barbara grew up in Indianapolis and by 13 had moved to a rural area of Indiana, while Charlie grew up in southern Illinois. They eventually chose to volunteer at Florida State Parks because of the park system’s mission - to maintain, educate and preserve the beauty of nature.

Barbara and Charlie have both always loved the outdoors. Barbara’s favorite part is the fresh air of early mornings, sunrise and sunset. She also enjoys the sounds of nature- gentle breezes in the tree tops and the birds singing. Charlie also enjoys hearing (and seeing) the wildlife. Both say their favorite thing about the park is the peacefulness of it- particularly the spring and river which has become a place of serenity for them.

Although they are married, Barbara and Charlie don’t always agree - her favorite season is autumn - the smells, blue skies, and perfect temperatures, while Charlie prefers the heat of summer. Barbara’s favorite part of volunteering is greeting and talking to people at the spring. Charlie likes working on projects in the park. Both are invaluable assets to Lafayette Blue Springs State Park, and we are lucky to have them here.

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