Volunteer Spotlight, Charles Spencer

a man in work clothes stands against a wooden fence, below a sign reading "Troy Springs State Park"

Charles Spencer

Troy Spring State Park

Charles Spencer is a Carolina native, born in Gastonia, North Carolina and growing up there as well as in Charlotte, North Carolina. He had a good work ethic from an early age, starting as milkman when we was 14 years old and delivering milk door to door. Charles worked several other different jobs prior to making the decision to join the Air Force. During his military service, he was able to travel to many different countries abroad, something he is still very grateful for today.

After leaving the military, Charles began work for the Department of Correction in North Carolina. He spent many years with the agency before eventually retiring and beginning his travels as a volunteer camp host in the winter of 2005. Charles has worked in many roles since, including as a trail maintenance volunteer and as a campground host for the National Park Service, Georgia Park Service and various military campgrounds.

Charles developed a true love for the outdoors later in his life, participating in activities such as biking, hiking and camping, where he can enjoy nature up close and appreciate the relaxing beauty of the outdoors. He appreciates his job as a volunteer in that it allows him to get outside as well as interact with visitors from all over the world. His favorite time of the year in the park is spring when the wildflowers are blooming and fall for the change in colors it brings. Keep an eye out for Charles the next time you visit Troy Spring State Park, when he will no doubt be working hard and enjoying it.

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