Volunteer Spotlight

The Rainbow Springs Volunteers, standing in a group, smiling at the camera.

Rainbow Springs State Park

At the District 2 Volunteer Appreciation Ceremony, Florida Park Service Director, Eric Draper, recognized Amilcar Eslava, Agnes Eslava, Linda Brown, Shirley Kuntz, Bob Sprenzel (not pictured) and Mary Lou Amirault (not pictured).

Each of these amazing volunteers have been volunteering for over 20 years. Combined, they have an astounding 137 years of volunteering experience at Rainbow Springs State Park!

They have been an integral part of so many aspects of the park! They do it all! From helping maintain the park grounds and facilities, serving on the board of the Friends of Rainbow Springs, greeting visitors at the ranger station, to ushering Santa into the park for our annual “Santa Over the Rainbow” event.

They truly are the foundation of the volunteer program here at Rainbow Springs.