Staff Spotlight, Steve Valentine

Park Ranger Smiling at the camera

Park Ranger, Steve Valentine

Fred Gannon Rocky Bayou State Park

Steve Valentine was born in Pennsylvania and raised on farms, eventually moving to Tennessee before calling Florida his home. He moved to Florida in 1982 to help his parents with their business. Shortly after relocating, Steve became a law enforcement officer for his community because he loved the aspect of helping to ensure the safety of everybody in his city. After he retired, he wanted to become a park ranger to have a more positive public relations employment experience. Steve has served as the lead Ranger and Safety Coordinator now for twenty years and truly loves working for the Florida Park Service.

Steve was an avid sportsman during his youth.  He enjoys camping, fishing, hunting and the outdoors. One of his favorite things about the outdoors is experiencing the changing of the seasons and always having something new to see. He most enjoys the park in the springtime, when he gets to see nature's rebirth. Steve encourages anyone who has not visited to come and see the natural steep head streams and the bayou that make Fred Gannon Rocky Bayou State Park so special. 

Steve's favorite part of being a park ranger is solving problems for the park and its amazing visitors. You can find him in the park wherever there is a project going on or repairs to be made with a smile on his face enjoying helping others to complete tasks. Steve says that his passion for the park and friendships with campers, volunteers and visitors alike is what inspires him to come to work everyday. 

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