Staff Spotlight, Shara Marconi

Shara Marconi dressed in her park ranger uniform sitting on a park UTV , smiling off into the distance

Shara Marconi, Park Ranger

Delnor-Wiggins Pass State Park

Having grown up in a military family, Shara Marconi spent most of her adolescent years traveling around the states. As a young adult Shara settled down in New Mexico. While living there she worked at the ABQ BioPark Zoo and was the water quality technician for the exhibits of sea lions, Asian elephants, polar bears, and west Nile hippos. Throughout her life she has always had a love for animals and nature.

Shara found the Florida Park Service through some internet searches, after stumbling upon the People First website. It took her almost four years of applying to get a part-time position at Delnor-Wiggins. She spent a quick month as a part time employee, and then interviewed for a full-time position and was accepted.

She has spent a total of one year and two months at Delnor-Wiggins and has fallen in love with the area. In fact, Shara loves her park so much that on February 22, 2020 she was married to her husband on the beach at Delnor-Wiggins at sunset.

She takes pride in every aspect of what she does at the park. But what she most proud of is bringing smiles to the faces of visitors while teaching them about the park and the nature found within. When asked, she’ll tell you that the best part of her job is not only being able to work at the beach and educate the public, but also spending time at work alongside others who share the same passion.

She loves being part of the ranger family and making sure the park is safe for all.

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