Staff Spotlight, Rob Crombie

Park Ranger Rob Crombie Standing at the overlook of the Apalachicola River.

Park Ranger, Rob Crombie

Torreya State Park

Park Ranger Rob Crombie grew up in Jacksonville, Florida and has always had a passion for the outdoors.  He loves being outside no matter what the weather conditions are. Growing up he would often visit family in Bristol, Florida coming over from Jacksonville. Rob spent a lot of time hiking and enjoying Torreya State Park as a child and dreamed of working there someday. In later years he moved to Bristol, worked in several different fields, and had the opportunity to apply at Torreya State Park. His dream came true in 2008.

Rob loves being a park ranger at Torreya State Park due to its off the beaten path location and its unique trails and topography. You may find Rob giving tours of the historic mid 1800s Gregory House, interpreting life in a different era and bringing visitors back in time. Or you might see Rob in the back country of the park maintaining the trail system.  Due to the topography, Rob must wear a chainsaw pack to access remote areas of the park to clear trails. Rob says that one of his favorite aspects of the job is making visitors feel welcome and informed during their visit and the multi-faceted duties of his job which allow him to express his passion.

He looks forward to serving you on your next visit to Torreya State Park!

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